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Data centre selects four eChillers for efficient cooling

GERMANY: In its largest installation to date, four eChillers, using water as a refrigerant, have been installed at a data centre in the southwest of Germany.

The eChillers from German manufacturer Efficient Energy were supplied and installed by Saarbrücken-based Famis GmbH at the VSE AG data centre in Völklingen-Geislautern.

Uniformly water-cooled climatic chambers are used for cooling and supplied with refrigeration by the four interconnected 35kW eChillers. The required temperature on the intake side of the racks is a maximum of 27°C.

The free-cooling option was said to be very important to the client and, ultimately, it was the environmental friendliness, sustainability, energy efficiency and innovative technology of the eChillers that is said to have secured the order.

The site is to be further upgraded with another eChiller in the near future. 

“The eChiller is the optimal solution both economically and strategically for expanding the VSENet facility. We’re increasingly turning to climate-friendly and future-proof solutions in our portfolio, and EE’s sustainable refrigeration technology optimally fits the bill here,” said Famis’ head of technical operations and service Marcel Schäfer.

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