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Engie to supply HVAC to new minesweepers

BELGIUM: Engie Solutions has won the contract to install the HVAC systems and cold rooms on 12 new Belgian and Dutch minesweepers.

Kership, a subsidiary of the shipyards Naval Group and Piriou, selected Engie Solutions to carry out the studies and installation work on six minesweepers for the Royal Belgian Navy and six other ships for the Netherlands.

Designed by Naval Group, these next-generation ships, which can withstand navigation in extreme cold or extreme heat conditions, will be built as part of a fleet renewal programme managed by Belgium for both countries. The ships will supersede the current minesweepers dating from the 1980s.

The HVAC system to be installed by Engie Solutions will include a chilled water production unit and an NBC production system (pressurisation of the ship with nuclear, biological and chemical filtration), to ensure safe air quality for the crew during their missions to detect, classify and neutralise mines at sea.

The ships will be assembled and fitted out in Brittany at the Concarneau and Lorient Kership yards.

After the design studies, currently underway, the first technical equipment will be ready in 2021. The aim is to deliver the first boat in 2024, then a boat every six months until 2029.

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