Epta employs Waterloop at speciality store

SaporiDintorniITALY: Commercial refrigeration manufacturer Epta has employed its Waterloop technology in the latest speciality Sapori & Dintorni supermarket opened at Milan’s central station at the end of April.

The innovative Sapori & Dintorni stores, part of the Italian retailing group Conad, offer high-quality, premium ranges of local produce and, in particular, products typical to the region in which the outlets are located.

With a total area of 663m², the store at Milan’s main station is seen as an ideal location to promote the best regional agri-food products, creating a meeting point for tourists and locals alike.

The chain’s innovational reputation is clearly demonstrated by the store layout. Each section is labelled in two languages, Italian and English, and the number of products on display exceeds 3,500, with a majority of Lombard specialties.

In order to guarantee the highest food authenticity, freshness and safety, Epta supplied a range of Costan and Eurocryor equipment, from serve-over counters within the cheese and sausages section, to Eurocryor Panorama units for the display of hot and cold deli food, bread and pastry products. These included closed multidecks for both fresh and frozen food as well as RossiniSV cabinets for ready to use, cut, cleaned and lightly processed vegetables. To meet the consumers’ need for variety, Sapori & Dintorni also features a Sushi Daily corner, jointly created by Epta and KellyDeli.

Supporting Sapori & Dintorni’s sustainability and efficiency ideals, Epta employed its EPTABlue Waterloop system that cools the refrigerated cabinets using a closed water circuit.

Eptablue_cThe EptaBlue Waterloop is an innovative solution that converts each connected refrigerated unit, be it a cabinet or a cold room, from remote-cooled to plug-in, using a closed water circuit which is easily installed with a plug and play link. In addition, the system’s inverter and electronic valve adjust the evaporating temperature to match the demand on each cabinet and external conditions (winter/summer, high/low attendance, day/night). The simplicity of the EptaBlue Waterloop system allows for simple integration with a store’s hvac system for recovery of the heat emitted by the cabinets to reduce store heating costs.

In a recent installation in Treviso, an Eptablue installation allowed a reduction in energy consumption of up to 25% a TEWI decrease of 40%, and a 75% reduction in the refrigerant gas charge and water consumption, for a payback of eight months.

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