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Haier keeps Yamaha on track

ITALY: Haier air conditioning is helping multiple world champion motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi and team mates at Yamaha Motor Racing keep their cool.

Haier is supplying air conditioning equipment for the Yamaha team trucks and mobile hospitality suites that accompany the Yamaha team and racers around the world. 

Over eighteen rounds of racing in different countries the teams encounter a range of varying climates, from the cooler temperatures in the UK to extremely hot and humid climates of Malaysia, Japan, Qatar, US, Spain and Italy, to name but a few.

Due to the fabric and poor insulation of the large, portable hospitality units, temperatures inside are often extreme and therefore can be very uncomfortable for occupants.

Haier has already provided two portable units, each of 35kW cooling capacity with high pressure ventilation. These provide heating, cooling and ventilation via a circular duct to the hospitality units of protective gear manufacturer Alpinestar that also travel the world with the MotoGP family. 

Having seen the benefits of the Alpinestar Haier systems, Sky VR 46 racing team, the team owned by Valentino Rossi himself, has also chosen Haier to heat, cool and ventilate its hospitality units, working on the same principle as the system devised for the Alpinestar hospitality units.

Haier is now working on a sophisticated MRV 3-pipe system for the 2017-2018 season.

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