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Lu-Ve supplies Russia’s largest CO2 warehouse

RUSSIA: Italian heat exchanger product manufacturer Lu-Ve has supplied the cooling system for Russia’s largest commercial cold store using CO2 refrigeration.

The 23,700m2 refrigerated warehouse in St Petersburg was opened by Danish logistics company Maersk earlier this year. 

The facility, built using the most advanced energy saving technologies, has a storage capacity of 50,000 tons, or more than 40 000 pallets. With 35 docks, it is capable of managing 200 trucks per day. 

The centre’s three areas at different temperatures (+13°, +6° and -25°) utilise a range of Lu-ve equipment. Value Defender unit coolers, produced at Lu-Ve’s Lipestk plant in Russia, recover the compression heat of the refrigerant fluid and are installed in the low- and medium-temperature cold rooms. The condensers are Big Giant models, produced in Uboldo (Italy), and equipped with electronic motors to minimise energy consumption. 

The St Petersburg centre was built in collaboration with local partner Ingenium, which specialises in the construction of agri-food complexes, logistics and commercial centres with a low environmental impact.

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