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“Outstanding” Rotterdam cold store

NETHERLANDS: The Kloosterboer Cool Port cold store in the Rotterdam Waalhaven has received an Outstanding BREEAM certificate, making it one of the most sustainable cold stores in the Netherlands.

With a capacity of 40,000 pallet spaces, the cold store has been operational for a year now. The building’s most sustainable aspect is the 11,000 solar panels placed on the building’s 27,000m2 roof. The expected annual yield is no less than 2.6MkWh, which equals the annual consumption of 737 households. This allows Cool Port to largely meet its own energy requirements.

Other measure which contribute towards its 86.76% score includes the ability for containers/trailers to dock with closed doors, so that the cold chain is maintained as much as possible. In addition, mobile racking in the storage units is said to ensure optimal use of floor area and volume, and efficient storage of pallets saves in cooling costs. Residual heat from the cooling installation is not only used for the industrial processes, but also to heat floors in offices.

“We have accepted quite a challenge by aiming for “Outstanding” rather than “Excellent” right from the very first stage of construction. But good cooperation with main contractor Sprangers Bouwbedrijf, E&W installers, and various advisors has allowed us to realise this”, said Kloosterboer  project manager Jeffrey van der Krogt.

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