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The Cooling Post celebrates five years

The air conditioning and refrigeration industry’s first web-only source of refrigeration and air conditioning news and information has celebrated its first five years of business.

On October 30, 2013, the day the Cooling Post first launched, the fledgling website received just 50 tentative visitors. Forty three of those visitors were from the UK, the other seven thinly spread between the US, Belgium and the UAE.

But, with very little promotion, word spread remarkably quickly. In its first full year, the website received 88,000 visits from 48,000 users, and its global reach extended to 189 countries.

Five years down the line, the Cooling Post has received over 1.65 million visits from every corner of the world, and nearly 3 million page views.

That’s not been achieved without ensuring that the Cooling Post’s readers are the best informed. Nearly 5,500 stories, many of them groundbreaking exclusives, have been published since the website launched.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the issue of refrigerants has grabbed most of the big headlines and attracted the largest numbers of visitors over the last five years.

The most read story so far was way back in August 2015, when we looked at possible replacements for R410A as Europe faced the F-gas phase down. That story, “What Future for R410A” has been read over 30,000 times since it was published.

Such is the concern over the future refrigerant options for larger air conditioning systems and VRF that Honeywell’s announcement, in June of this year, of a possible non-flammable alternative to R410A attracted over 13,000 visitors in just one day when we ran the story. That story, combined with our subsequent exclusive revelations of R466A’s blend components and GWP, has been read over 33,000 times.

The second most popular single story in July 2016 also looked at R410A replacements. “R32 claims lead in battle to replace R410A” looked at some of the Chemours options seeking to rival R32 and has been read 29,911 times.

“It’s been a remarkable five years,” said Cooling Post editor Neil Everitt. “The website has exceeded all our expectations but we are determined not to rest on our laurels. Yet another new version of the website, launching on January 1, will ensure that the Cooling Post maintains its lead as the prime source of information for the air conditioning and refrigeration sector.”


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