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A large step up for the eChiller

GERMANY: Efficient Energy, the German company developing the use of water as a refrigerant, has announced a new chiller with a 200% cooling capacity increase and 25% efficiency improvement.

The latest model, the eChilller120, employs the same Bluezero technology as that of the company’s smaller eChiller35/45 but offers a cooling capacity of 120kW. It is said to be suited for process cooling, machine cooling and technical air conditioning. 

The Bluezero technology uses softened tap water as a refrigerant, which is then used in a closed circuit for refrigeration. New, however, are the entirely redesigned construction and an improved compressor concept. 

The turbo compressor, which was developed by Efficient Energy GmbH in house, has been enlarged and integrated directly into the brazed plate heat exchanger module, thereby significantly increasing the efficiency of the refrigeration system. 

Despite its higher performance, the eChiller120 is said to achieve a comparably low noise level, like its sibling – the eChiller35/45. The new chiller also offers a number of different configuration options, including, a housing and free cooling module, a module for extending the part load and other possibilities for controlling system peripherals. 

The eChiller120 can be easily connected to an existing cooler and is said to support energy-optimised cooling control. 

For even greater cooling requirements, the eChiller120 can be configured in a cluster, with its modular, scalable design and an optionally integrated cluster control system making cooling capacities of over 500kW achievable. 

Delivery of the eChiller120 will commence in summer 2021. 

Efficient Energy

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