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Aermec adds R515B as heat pump option

ITALY: Aermec has added the option of using lower GWP refrigerant R515B on its WFGN and WFGI series of water-cooled heat pump chillers.

The Aermec WFGN and WFGI cooling systems have been developed with optimised compressors and heat exchangers to take full advantage of the characteristics of the low GWP A2L refrigerant R1234ze and achieve high SEERs.

Subsequent laboratory tests have now enabled Aermec technicians to give the green light to the use of R515B, a non-flammable A1 option to R1234ze. 

R515B is a blend of R1234ze with the addition of a small amount (8.9%) of R227ea to suppress the flammability at the expense of a higher GWP of 293. R515B is said to have zero glide and low discharge temperatures. Aermec confirms it achieves similar performance in terms of yield and efficiency compared to R1234ze for which the two series of systems were designed.

The WFGN offers cooling capacities from 489kW to 1455kW and heating capacities from 545kW to 1601kW. It is capable of producing hot water up to 55ºC and chilled water down to -8ºC.

The WFGI series boasts cooling capacities from 670kW to 2406kW and heating capacities from 741kW to 2664kW. It is capable of producing hot water from condenser up to 65ºC and cooling down to -8ºC. 

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