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Aermec TBA chiller boosts efficiency

ITALY: Aermec has claimed an industry first with its air-cooled TBA chiller which confines the glycol to the chiller, offering significant energy and cost improvements.

Using a high efficiency Turbocor compressor, low noise EC fans and special evaporator design, the TBA is available in sizes from 400kW to 1.8MW.  

The TBA can also be supplied with on-board, inverter driven pumps, giving the installer plug and play capabilities, reducing install time and simplifying site installation. A fast re-start of 180-210 seconds, with power maintained to the controller, means that space conditions can be brought back to design within a few minutes.

Using R134a, R1234ze or R513a, the TBA is also said to have been designed with one of the lowest refrigerant charges on the market.

The TBA is said to offer high efficiencies even at partial loads and features all aluminium micro-channel condenser coils with improved heat exchange and low air pressure drops.

The chiller can operate in three different modes – 100% free-cooling, mixed mode or mechanical cooling. 


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