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Air conditioner built to withstand natural disasters

JAPAN: Daikin Industries is to introduce a new air conditioning condensing unit designed to withstand natural disasters, alongside a new SkyAir self-cleaning indoor unit.

The shape of the condensing unit on the new VRV X series and its frame structure are said to have been strengthened to improve resistance to the strongest earthquakes and wind speeds of up to 60m/s (135mph). In addition, it is said to be capable of maintaining rated cooling capacity in ambients up to 41°C, thanks to its high efficiency micro-channel heat exchanger with internal grooves. It also equipped with a heat pipe to cool the inverter.

The new Sky Air units will have a water cleaning function that cleans the heat exchanger inside the indoor unit, and an “at-home power saving function” that automatically saves power when the room is empty.

According to Daikin, after the cooling and dehumidifying cooling operations are completed, the heat exchanger dust is washed away with condensed water, and the interior is dried by hot air.

The new units will be introduced onto the Japanese market in April 2020.

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