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App monitors refrigeration in small stores

UK: The new ProsaLink mobile app from Danfoss enables small stores with no central management control to monitor its refrigeration assets at any time, from anywhere.

Paired with Danfoss’ PR-SC4 telemetry device, the ProsaLink provides 24/7 real-time temperature and automatic data-logging, combined with alarm notifications to enable immediate action. For instance, the app sends alerts if a cold room door has been left open or a temperature goes out of safe limits for too long. The data is securely stored in the Danfoss Alsensecloud.

The ProsaLink is blessed with an intuitive navigation, clear graphics and information, and can be retrofitted to existing systems as well as included in new installations. 

Up to four cold rooms, display cabinets, refrigerators, or freezers can be connected to one device. It also provides an easy overview of all connected equipment across multiple sites in the same app.

Typical installed costs for the monitoring system start below £500, with a monthly service cost of £5.99. For the remainder of 2020, Danfoss will provide the monthly monitoring service free of charge.


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