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Bitzer expands condensing unit offer

GERMANY: Compressor specialist Bitzer is expanding its range of condensing units with a series of seven new models for low and medium temperature applications.

The three new single fan LHL3E Ecolite condensing units and four two-fan LHL5E units open up a wide range of applications, from 1.5kW to 5kW in low temperature and from 3.5kW to 16kW in medium temperature.

With mechanical Varistep capacity control, all Ecolite condensing units offer adjustment of the capacity in a range from 50 to 100%. In the LHL5E, the Ecolite series offers optional capacity control from 10 to 100%. The condensing units have also been specially developed for low noise operation and have a robust and corrosion-resistant housing for outdoor use.

These compact units are said to require only a small amount of refrigerant. This is said to be achieved by the use of integrated efficient condensers with a high thermal transmission rate, optimised components and Bitzer’s Ecoline reciprocating compressor.

The series has been designed for use with common refrigerants, including lower global GWP HFO blends. 

Optional accessories include a second capacity control for the LHL5E models, an oil separator with a check valve and a temperature sensor for room-temperature-controlled operation.

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