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Bitzer updates service tool

GERMANY: Compressor specialist Bitzer has published a new update of its service software, the Bitzer Electronics Service Tool (BEST).

BEST software provides users with a comprehensive overview of the operating status, configuration and troubleshooting of Bitzer compressors, frequency inverters and condensing units. It enables service engineers to quickly and safely adjust device parameters, analyse errors, display data logs, update firmware and more.

The new version 2.9 includes a new documentation tab to which the full documentation for Modbus RTU has been added. The list of available alarms, including specific alarm help texts, has been moved to this tab. These alarm help texts have been completed and are now available for all products in BEST software.

Bitzer has also added its Orbit+ and Orbit Fit compressors, OS.A85 compressors and the newest Ecoline+ compressors. Users can select more compressors and refrigerants for the external Varipack frequency inverters and the IQ module CM-RC-01. The new features also include the addition of Ecostar LHV6 condensing units with support for new refrigerants. CSV screw compressors have at their disposal extended application limits and new firmware, which is incorporated into the current update.

Korean has also been added to the list of available languages.

Earlier versions of BEST software installed on the computer can easily be updated with the automatic update function. Alternatively, the update can be downloaded from the Bitzer website.

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