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Bitzer’s flexible approach to ordering

GERMANY: Bitzer has introduced an easy-to-use order system to modify heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

As of January 1, all horizontal liquid receivers and water-cooled condensers made by Bitzer can be customised. Customers can now decide whether to buy standard products or products tailored to their specific requirements. Up to five features of the product can be moved from their standard position to a new one within a range pre-defined by Bitzer – from the refrigerant inlet and outlet connections to the welded support feet.

The possibility to change certain component details such as the position of the refrigerant connections, can in some cases be the only way to comply with specific dimensional and functional constraints.

Customers now have the opportunity to change the design of the products they have purchased without the addition of a long and complex order and delivery process. Operators just need to fill in their desired new dimensions on approval drawings available on the Bitzer website and in the soon to be available updated version of the Bitzer selection software. Thanks to a simplified order process, they will receive a drawing indicating the customised dimensions together with their order confirmation. The delivery times of customised products are similar to those of standard ones.


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