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Carrier adds beltless fan to RTUs

USA: Carrier has introduced new technology to certain WeatherMaker and WeatherMaster rooftop units to improve performance and efficiency and decrease maintenance and installation costs.

The EcoBlue Technology employed is said to have many features, not least of which is an industry first beltless direct-drive vane axial fan system. This patent-pending technology replaces traditional belts and pulleys with a simpler, more compact design, all with 75% fewer moving parts. The outdoor fan system’s high-density composite blade fan is also an exclusive design.

Other technological advances are said to include a new control board and coil technology, increased factory options and a tool-less filter access door.

Carrier says that although efficiency ratings vary per model, Weather Series Units with EcoBlue Technology are up to 60% more efficient than RTUs of 17 years ago.

The new units are also built on the original Carrier rooftop unit footprint to reduce installation time and allow for the hassle-free, original replacement fit. They also feature a tool-less filter access door for easy access to service, check and change filters.”

The new unit control board offers dedicated indoor fan setup with a large field wiring terminal connection, an intuitive speed dial and switch operation. In addition, optional SystemVu controls bring the benefits of smarter diagnostics by providing ongoing, real-time information to help ensure the efficient operation and optimum performance of the unit.


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