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Carrier adds CO2 heat pumps

FRANCE: Carrier Commercial Refrigeration has supplemented its range of CO2 refrigeration units with the launch of HeatCO2OL heat pumps.

Carrier claims that the HeatCO2OL units can supplement traditional boilers with hot water up to 90°C, as well as provide sustainable cooling that can replace existing comfort or process chillers. In addition, its compact design, from 1,000mm wide, can save space in plant rooms.

Three different temperature grades can be managed simultaneously on the same system, and by connecting units in parallel, customers can gain access to a heating capacity between 40kW and 8MW.

The HeatCO2OL is said to be compatible with low water inlet temperature down to 15ºC and high temperature lift up to 70K. It also offers three different temperature levels on the heating side and one level on the cooling side.

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration

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