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Carrier adds evaporative pre-cooling

UK: The availability of evaporative pre-cooling on Carrier’s AquaForce 30XV air-cooled screw chillers is said to offer significant energy savings. 

The evaporative pre-cooling technology lowers ambient air temperatures entering the chiller – helping to reduce chiller power consumption, increase reliability and extend the life of the chiller.

Air is pulled across a fine mist of water contained within patented, pre-cooling frames attached to Carrier’s 30XV chiller. A controller ensures that the least amount of water needed to achieve optimal evaporation is used. In addition, the system monitors and reports unit performance and energy savings in real time to its cloud-based network operation centre. 

In addition to the savings, Carrier says the evaporative pre-cooling system helps protect coils from debris and damage, potentially extending the life of the equipment and reducing overall maintenance.


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