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Chilled water fan wall for large data centres

GERMANY: Stulz has announced a new modular chilled water fan wall for hyperscale and large colocation data centres.

The CyberWall is designed for applications without raised floors, allowing space for taller server racks with greater IT load densities, while reducing installation and operating costs for end-users versus custom air handling solutions.

It is equipped with six direct-drive backward inclined impeller fans, and is designed to use either EC or induction AC fans. 

“In a time of supply chain uncertainty, having both options available allows for quicker deployments when supplies of one fan are lower than the other,” Stulz says.

The CyberWall is said to have many performance enhancing features that come standard, including being equipped with the new Stulz E2 pluS microprocessor controller and LCD display. 

CyberWall also features multiple condensate drain location options; single or dual power supplies; along with other options such as such as firestat, smoke detector, and harmonic mitigation filter.


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