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Climalife adds more cleaning products

FRANCE: Climalife has added coil, evaporator and condenser cleaners to its existing Frionett brand of cleaning products.

Climalife, best known as a refrigerant supplier, says the new cleaning products are the result of customer demand and are available across Europe now. 

Frionett Coil Cleaner, Frionett Evaporator Cleaner and Frionett Condenser Cleaner are said to be designed for ease of use and safety. 

During operation, dirt can form films or layers on the surface which can damage the optimal heat exchange by increasing running temperatures, using more electricity and which in turn can lead to system malfunction or failure.

Climalife maintains that reducing the amount of energy used in these technologies is a key factor for the widespread air conditioning, cooling and heating industries. As such, it says, it is essential to clean the working parts of the system, to restore the performance by ensuring an optimal heat exchange.  

The three new products are said to eliminate dust, debris, grease and other pollutants from air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and restoring their full performance. 

Each is available as a concentrate or as a ready-to-use product.


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