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CO2 MiniBooster receives an update

DENMARK: Advansor has updated its MiniBooster CO2 refrigeration unit for small convenience and discount stores.

The updated MiniBooster is designed to fit in with its  ultra-compact size and can be placed in a corner or  used outdoor as it can be delivered with an enclosure for lower noise levels.  It has the power to fit a wide range of applications, delivering up to 45 kW cooling capacity.  
Other improvements include a redesign of the piping and the addition of a suction-line heat exchanger to further ensure safety and reduce the risk of liquid slugging. Filters have also been added, along with inverters on both lead medium and low temperature compressors. 

Particular attention has also been paid to reducing vibrations. 

A new user-friendly selection tool contains 27 different MiniBooster compressor configurations and three controller brands. It is also possible to select options like heat recovery, enclosure, chiller module and gas cooler.


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