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CO2 valve with copper fittings

ITALY: An electronic expansion valve with copper fittings for transcritical CO2 refrigeration applications has been introduced by Carel.

The E2V-CW is installed by simply braze-welding the special copper fittings, rather than the more complex and expensive welding techniques required for stainless steel. This installation simplicity further lowers the barriers to the use of CO2, and, according to Carel, allows OEMs of Hecu and Heos condensing units to optimise their line assembly processes using K65 copper pipes.

Common across the range of Carel ExV valves, the E2V-CW uses modulating equipercentile control for accuracy and rapid response. This is said to ensure extreme precision at low cooling capacities and a fast response to sudden variations in load at high capacities.

E2V-CW has a stainless steel filter supplied as standard and is available with a wide range of hermetic stators for any type of installation.


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