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Compressor electronics app for Copeland semi-hermetics

GERMANY: Emerson has produced the first app dedicated to its Copeland semi-hermetic compressors with its former CoreSense compressor electronics technology. 

The Copeland compressor electronics mobile app is said to enable users to monitor a refrigeration system from the convenience of a mobile phone.

“This new compressor electronics mobile app, will allow users to have direct access from their mobile device to a handful set of data concerning the refrigeration system where our semi-hermetic compressors are installed,” explained Olivier Liégeois, Emerson’s director refrigeration marketing, Europe. 

“The monitoring features will allow installers and service engineers to easily and conveniently monitor system operations, helping them troubleshoot problems for more accurate diagnostic and less downtime. Pre-installed in our compressor are advanced protection and sensing devices through our Copeland compressor electronics technology, which helps to ensure a long lifetime.”

The app provides connectivity via USB or Bluetooth. Once connected it provides information on compressor status and discharge gas temperature. It also provides monitoring of motor temperature, current, oil and phase, real-time fault diagnosis and features a permanently stored event counter.

A full PDF report can be easily downloaded, saved, printed, or forwarded.


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