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Compressor oil level controller

RUSSIA: FP Cooling Technologies has introduced Feedway, an oil level control system for refrigeration compressors.

The central component of the oil level control system is the FP-ERL3 oil level regulator in the compressor crankcase. Based on the principle of measuring electromagnetic fields using a Hall effect sensor, the regulator is not sensitive to sunlight, foaming or dirty oil in the crankcase. According to the manufacturer this allows accurate measurements of the real oil levels.

In the event of the oil level dropping below 40%, the device automatically feeds oil to the compressor crankcase from the oil return line using an integrated solenoid valve. If the oil level drops below 20% the compressor is automatically shut down.

This device, the third generation of electronic level regulators produced by FP,  is equipped with one of five adapters for use with the most common models of compressors, produced a number of  manufacturers including Bitzer, Bock, Frascold and Copeland.

FP Cooling Technologies

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