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Daikin extends A-series with 20kW and 25kW units

BELGIUM: Daikin has extended its Sky Air A-Series low-height light commercial air conditioners with new single-fan condensing units in capacities of 20kW and 25kW.

Launched in 2017, the Sky Air A-series incorporates Daikin’s advanced Bluevolution technology using the lower GWP refrigerant R32.

With a SEER performance of 8.2, the new low height units – less than a metre high – are said to be the lowest on the market, allowing discreet installation below window height. With the launch of the low height Sky Air Alpha (RZAG71-140N) and Sky Air Advance-series (RZA200-250D), all Sky Air ranges from 3.5kW to 25kW, now come in a single-fan casing.

Driven by installer requirements, the new units incorporate a newly positioned handle for easier transportation and carrying, with its compact size enabling easier handling with just two people. 

A redesigned front plate provides access to all critical components in seconds as only one screw needs to be removed and the access area has been increased 

With longer pipe lengths of up to 100m, Daikin says the Sky Air Advance-series 20-25 kW units can now accommodate any site with an R32 solution. 

Thanks to their new improved design and use of R32 refrigerant, the new units do not require an annual refrigerant containment check and, according to Daikin, 60% of applications have been installed without additional refrigerant charge.


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