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Daikin to launch more R32 units

EUROPE: Daikin is to launch two new R32 air conditioners in Europe – the Stylish and Sensira.

Inspired by the success of its Daikin Emura and Ururu Sarara units, the new split systems offer greater efficiency thanks to the lower GWP refrigerant R32.

The new Stylish air conditioning unit to be launched next month is said to combine the best of performance and design. With an A+++ rating for both heating and cooling, Daikin claims that Stylish will be one of the most energy efficient air conditioners available on the market.

Measuring just 798mm wide x 189mm deep x 295mm high, the Stylish is claimed by Daikin to be one of the thinnest and most compact indoor units as well. Units will be available in capacities from 2-5kW cooling and 2.5 to 5.8kW heating.

It will also offer the choice of three colours: white, silver and blackwood.

Stylish uses a newly designed fan to optimise airflow for higher energy efficiency at low sound levels. It uses specially designed flaps to create the Coanda effect, optimising the airflow for a more comfortable climate.

A grid eye sensor is employed to detect the surface temperature of a room. The sensor then distributes air evenly throughout the room before switching to an airflow pattern that directs warm or cool air to areas that need it.

Stylish also uses a few different settings to automatically adjust its fan and compressors to create the right balance between temperature and humidity for a room. Inverter technology control is used to manage the cooling intensity and regulate the temperature to the nearest 0.5º.

Sensira R-32

The new Sensira R-32 has a cooling capacity of 2.5kW with an A ++ rating and SEER of 6.22. Heating capacity is 2.8kW.

The flat, stylish front panel of the Sensira is said to blend in with any interior design and is easy to clean.

With vertical auto swing discharge louvres is said to provide efficient air and temperature distribution throughout the room. A Turbo mode heats up or cools down the room quickly, for maximum comfort. Sound pressure is down to 21dBA with the new model.

The Sensira R-32 also comes with a new two-chamber swing compressor which is said to contribute to significant energy savings, and greater reliability.

The Daikin Online Controller enables the end user to schedule, manage and monitor the system anywhere, any time.

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