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Daikin redesigns VRV water-cooled series

BELGIUM: Daikin has released a major upgrade of its water-cooled VRV, the VRV IV W+ series, offering a lower refrigerant charge and increased efficiency.

This has been achieved while retaining the Daikin features of compactness, geothermal operation, variable refrigerant temperature and 2-stage heat recovery operation.

The ‘+’ series also offers a greater range of capabilities, with up to 14hp (40kW cooling capacity) in single modules and up to 42hp (120kW cooling capacity) in multi-combinations.

Daikin has redesigned the VRV product using materials and manufacturing processes that have pushed the COP of their VRV series to 6.5. Having a heat exchanger twice as big as the current model is one of the contributing factors to achieving this high efficiency.

In addition, the unit also ensures that the water loop runs to maximum efficiency, as the variable water flow controls the inverter-driven water pump.

To ensure optimal comfort for users, the VRV can be connected to the latest Daikin Emura and other residential indoor units, hot water hydro boxes, air curtains and ventilation.

Daikin’s zero heat dissipation technology is said to allow the system to be kept at a constant temperature without the need for an external cooling source. This, combined with the unit’s compact 0.5m² footprint, makes it possible to have smaller plant rooms that no longer need to be cooled or ventilated. In addition, Daikin says the heat dissipation technology extends the lifetime of critical parts, resulting in trouble-free operation.

For the installer, simple-to-remove side and front panels mean not having to remove the refrigerant piping. A rotating switch box and all connections located at the top of the unit allow easier access to all of the major components.

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