Daikin upgrades psychrometric software


UK: Daikin is offering an upgrade of its psychrometric data viewer, allowing temperature and humidity to be plotted quickly and easily.

The new piece of software is said to be simple to use and highly adaptable, and can be adjusted to accept a wide range of variables.

“Although this software is not built as a tutorial for learning about the conditions and changes to moist air, we are convinced that this programme can become a valuable tool that will benefit engineers, developers, consultants and students alike enormously,” said Philippe Vandesteene, mentor in marketing department – digital section, Daikin Europe.

By inputting just two data points from the range of measurement parameters, users can determine the properties of moist air conditions from a comprehensive review of properties such as dry bulb and wet bulb temperature, dew point, relative, absolute humidity and enthalpy, (heat content) density and specific volume.

The newly released version 3.2 offers the ability to plot and adjust points on the graph with the click of a mouse and to zoom in to see relevant areas of the chart in more detail. Graphs can be viewed in either psychrometric or Mollier formats, with data set to metric or imperial units and colour coding added for additional ease of interpretation.


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