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Detecting lower GWP refrigerants

USA:  Refrigerant leak detection equipment company Bacharach has upgraded the capabilities of its MGS-250 detector to include lower GWP refrigerants R514A and R452B.

The non-dispersive infrared sensor technology employed is said to eliminate cross-interference from other gases and from changes in temperature and humidity. Other benefits include added sensor life of 5-7 years and reduced maintenance.

The inclusion of Modbus RTU protocols, analogue and relay outputs are designed to enable easy integration with both building management and industrial automation system controls.

R514A is a refrigerant with a very low GWP of under 2, and is targeted as a replacement for R123 in centrifugal chiller applications. It is a blend of HFO 1336mzz(Z) (74.7%) with trans-1,2-dichloroethene (25.3%). R514A is a B1 refrigerant with an OEL of 323ppm.

R452B is designed as a lower GWP replacement for R410A in air conditioning applications. A “mildly flammable” A2L refrigerant, it has a GWP of 676.


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