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Embraco launches NEX compressors

BRAZIL: Embraco has launched the NEX hermetic compressor range offering an increase in maximum displacement to 21cc and delivering a maximum cooling capacity of 1.62kW in MBP conditions.

It is designed for applications such as display cases, ice makers, professional kitchen appliances, beverage coolers and blast chillers. In addition to greater robustness and reliability, the increased cooling capacity and smaller size of the NEX will enable it to replace the NT platform in some applications, says Embraco. It is also said to achieve a 10% increase] in energy efficiency in LBP conditions, all combined with lower noise.

The NEX is currently approved for use with R290, R404A and R452A. In the future, there will be the launch of other NEX models, including options for R448A/449A and R134a.

Completing Embraco’s X Generation compressors, the NEX will sit alongside the NJX and NTX series products, which also welcomes new models. Embraco is also launching two new models of the NJX and four of the NTX, the other two platforms of the X Generation, both in the large category. 

The NTX is the next generation of the NT series, developed to address the increasing demand for high energy efficiency and lower noise levels in large cooling capacity compressors for commercial refrigeration equipment. With a line up of models that is approved for higher refrigerant charge and still under PED category 1, NTX is developed for applications that demand robust cooling such as multideck reach ins and ice machines. 

The NTX is available for R290, R404A, R448 and R449A. 

NJX is a new and extended generation of the NJ series, reaching up to 2hp on a single piston compressor. This capacity extension is an improvement up to 50% in comparison to the current solutions available in the market. It is designed for commercial applications that need the extended cooling capacity, such as milk coolers, ice cream makers and cold rooms.

The NJX is available for R290, R404A, R448A, R449A and R452A. A further model for R134a will also be available this year.


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