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Engie adds heat recovery to Quantum Air chillers

GERMANY: Engie Refrigeration has added a heat recovery option to its Quantum range of air-cooled chillers.

This will enable up to 100% of the waste heat generated during the cold generation process to be re-used.

In order to achieve this, the Quantum Air chiller incorporates an additional heat exchanger. This makes it possible to conduct the heat generated during the cold generation process to a defined heat process – such as production hall heating or warm water supply in offices. 

This heat energy can be used either completely or partially in what is referred to as combined operation. To this end, the waste heat is transferred to a heat circuit via a parallel flooded shell and tube condenser. The chiller fans now run at partial load or not at all.

The Quantum air-cooled chiller range was revamped at the end of last year and now comprises 14 models using R1234ze, and 14 models for R134a or R513A. Refrigeration capacities range from 250kW to 2MW.

Engie Refrigeration

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