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Exigo is Daikin’s first own-brand TRU

BELGIUM: The Exigo is Daikin’s first own-brand trailer refrigeration unit produced since its acquisition of Italian manufacturer Zanotti in 2016.

The new E1500 15kW single-temperature engine-driven trailer refrigeration unit features variable-speed compressor and fans, which are said to achieve a 20% lower fuel consumption versus fixed-speed units.

An advanced algorithm is said to optimise the energy supply to the inverter and ensures the variable-speed compressor and fans are running at the minimum necessary to generate the cooling capacity and set temperature required. 

With an infinite number of running speeds, Daikin says the electrical fans produce fully variable airflow ensuring the unit achieves the perfect temperature accuracy with minimum fuel and energy consumption. While the lack of mechanical connections reduces fan maintenance costs, Daikin also claims an extended lifetime as they will not be subjected to the stresses experienced by traditional units in jumping from high to low speed and back. As a result, Exigo comes as standard with 3000-hours service intervals. 

All Exigo units come with advanced telematics as standard, enhancing fleet management via location and performance monitoring, virtual remote HMI, alerts, geofencing, and over-the-air software updates. 

Exigo comes with what it claims is a first-in-industry, high-resolution colour screen and intuitive graphical HMI. The control was developed together with users and industry experts to give the right level of diagnostics and control for different user types.

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