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Fläkt chillers use lower GWP R454B refrigerant

GERMANY: Fläkt has introduced a new series of air-cooled chillers designed for use with lower GWP refrigerant R454B.

The new series includes FGAC 2020-2081 AG1/2 and FGAC 4061-4121 BG2 chillers with cooling capacities from 53kW to 338kW, as well as the FGAH 2020-2081 AG1/2 chillers with heat pump control and heating capacities of 53kW to 223kW.

R454B is a Chemours refrigerant branded as Opteon XL41 is an alternative to R410A. It is a blend of 68.9% R32 and 31.1% 1234yf and has a GWP of 466.

Fläkt sees R454B as the best choice for chillers using scroll technology, citing its improved operating limits compared to R32, and an efficiency increase of approx. 2% compared to R410A heat pump units in the small and medium output range up to approximately 350kW.

The new FGAC/H units with R454B are factory-filled with refrigerant quantities up to just 42kg and hermetically sealed. The chillers are only approved for outdoor installation due to the refrigerant’s A2L flammability rating.

The new FGAC series comprises 12 models with two compressors covering cooling capacities from 53kW to 218 kW, and seven models with 4 compressors and capacities from 152kW to 338kW. Sound levels are down to 7-9 dB(A). Units include electronic expansion valves, and EC fans.

The FGAH units with heat pump function come in 12 sizes with 2 compressors and heating outputs of 53kW to 223kW. Models include Air-side Cu/Al heat exchanger, electronic expansion valve, and EEV and EC fans.

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