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Fridgesplits take the guesswork out of system selection

UK: Fridgesplits are a new range of refrigeration systems available from Beijer Ref UK and Ireland wholesaling outlets.

The Fridgesplit concept is designed to take the guesswork out of coldroom and freezer room selections. The initial Fridgesplit Standard range sees the Danfoss Optyma condensing unit being perfectly matched to a Modine ECO evaporator with the  option of a control pack. Capacity duties range from 1kW to 5.4 kW

All systems are available from Dean & Wood, HRP, RW & DWG and are provided with a three-year warranty as standard.

The range will expand shortly to include the Fridgesplit Premium range which will use the Optyma Plus units matched to a Lu-Ve evaporator. The Premium versions will offer the same benefits of the ECO range but with increased capacity and a higher specification which includes a fan speed controller, mains isolator and a network-able electronic controller.

“We have been working with this concept for a long time. Before launching we needed to ensure we partnered with the right suppliers to ensure our criteria of quality, competitiveness were met along with ease of use,” said Beijer Ref UK innovation and marketing director Howard Noble. 

The highly efficient Danfoss Optyma condensing unit employs microchannel heat exchanger technology and is designed for lower GWP refrigerants R449A on MT applications and R452A for LT systems.

The Standard range combines the Optyma with the ECO EVS compact cooler, ECO GME wedge cooler or ECO GCE box cooler. These evaporators have casings made from magnesium aluminium alloy which combines durability with ease of cleaning. Heaters and fan motors are connected to an easily accessible IP54 terminal box.

All combinations are available from stock.

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