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GEA Bock debuts new generation CO2 compressors

GERMANY: GEA Bock will be debuting its new generation of CO2 compressors refrigerants at EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf next week.

Dubbed as a new milestone in compressor efficiency, GEA Bock’s EuroShop stand will see the launch of the subcritical HGX44e CO2 series compressor for industrial low temperature applications. GEA Bock maintains that the compressor offers at least 6% higher efficiency compared to other compressors on the market.

GEA Bock is also expanding its portfolio for transcritical applications in the lower capacity range with the new HGX24 CO2 (L)T CO2 compressor series. With cooling capacities from 9kW to 21kW in medium temperature, the compressor is said to be specially designed for system applications in supermarkets with smaller capacities. 

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