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GEA screw package for high-pressure applications

GERMANY: GEA has launched a screw compressor package series for high-pressure applications. 

The new GEA Grasso SP1 HP is suited either to heat pumps using ammonia or for low temperature cooling with CO2. 

The high-pressure series is based on 20 GEA Grasso compressor models for NH3 heat pumps and 17 models for CO2. Heating capacities with ammonia cover a range from approximately 600kW to 9,500kW (heat sink supply temperature 70°C at 30°C evaporation and 10K subcooling), CO2 refrigeration capacities range from 400kW to over 4,000kW (at -50/-5°C). 

The GEA screw compressors are suitable for high differential pressures allowing NH3 condensing temperatures of up to +85°C, as well as combined cooling and heating operations. CO2 cooling is possible as low as -54°C. The maximum (subcritical) condensing temperature level is +10°C allowing operation modes for defrosting processes temperatures above 0°C. 


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