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Güntner cooler integrates condensate pump

GERMANY: Güntner’s new Dual Compact dual discharge air cooler has been tailored to match key customer needs and application requirements.

A key development with the new cooler includes the option of an integrated condensate pump, thus allowing the condensate line to be installed out of sight in a false ceiling. As well as improving the appearance, this also makes the unit easier to clean, and negates any danger of the pipe being damaged by transport activities or the like.

The new Dual Compact is available incapacities from 2 to 25kW, with availability for use with HFCs and CO2.

In the standard version, the casing and tray of the Dual Compact air coolers are made of corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy with powder coating, and the stainless steel brackets for ceiling mounting are integrated in the casing. In addition to the option of epoxy-resin-coated aluminium fins, the new Coil Defender corrosion protection is also available.

The Coil Defender coating is applied to the entire coil including the connection system and on the bend side in order to ensure that there is no chance of being attacked by aggressive substances. The coating is also food-safe and tested as part of the HACCP certification.

A special draught-reduced unit is available for use in processing rooms, ensuring the best working climate for employees.



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