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Harvesting waste heat from systems

UK: Wholesaler Beijer Ref has designed and produced a heat recovery product that captures heat from refrigeration and air conditioning systems and converts it into hot water.

The SEC – Sustainable Energy Controller – harvests all the heat available within the system and converts it into hot water. It not only operates when the cooling system is in operation, it also provides a source of energy when the system stops. 

SEC manipulates the system into operating as an air to water heat pump, providing a reliable and stable source of heat whether the fridge system is running, or not.

It can be retrofitted into existing refrigeration systems or can form part of a new project, offering a very short return on investment of between 9-18 months.

Energy savings, when compared to a traditional water heating system, are said to be significant. Beijer Ref offers the example of a typical 60m3 cellar or cold room, where SEC could recover energy by up to 35,000kWh/annum.

SEC is available in two versions, the SEC100 and SEC200. These two units cover a THR range of 2-10kW which in turn provides between 590 litres and 2080 litres of hot water a day.

SEC works with all HFC and HFO blends, specifically R404A, R134a, R448A, R449A, R455A, R454C, R513A and R1234ze.

Beijer Ref offers a free design consultancy for those considering SEC for a project.

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