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High efficiency AquaSnap heat pump

Carrier-heat-pump-with-Greenspeed-intelligenceCarrier’s new 30RQP AquaSnap air-to-water scroll heat pumps with Greenspeed intelligence are said to offer new levels of efficiency and performance.

Produced in France and available now in the European, Middle East and African regions, the 30RQP AquaSnap features variable-speed fans, brazed plate heat exchangers with asymmetric channels, electronic expansion valves and full colour touch-screen user display.

A defrosting method, which does not require any additional energy, can significantly improve the SCOP by up to 12% compared with earlier AquaSnap models.

The built-in hydronic modules with optional variable-speed driven pumps can electronically control the variable water flow to meet real application needs during partial load operation and stand-by periods. Carrier says that this significantly reduces the pumping energy consumption by two-thirds. The modules also feature electronic sensors for automatic pump protection against cavitation and for water flow electronic reading and setting.

The new units are said to already meet the 2017 European Ecodesign regulation with a SCOP value in heating of up to 3.38. According to the manufacturer, the new range also offers segment leading performance with ESEERs in cooling of up to 4.28.


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