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Industrial CO2 packages up to 300kW

UK: Star Refrigeration has launched a new range of industrial CO2 refrigeration packages with capacities up to 300kW.

The new pre-engineered Envi range is said to be designed to provide a long term solution for smaller-scale industrial applications, offering high performance with a competitive price tag.

According to Star Refrigeration, those seeking refrigeration solutions in an industrial setting but with a capacity of under 300kW have previously faced something of a conundrum. The F-gas regulation is moving end-users away from HFCs through the imposition of stringent restrictions in the production of high global warming potential refrigerants and sharp price hikes. At the same time, the use of industrial ammonia systems is unsuitable in certain applications due to its capital costs and toxicity potential when used in enclosed environments. As a result, customers have been forced into adopting commercial, line-assembled CO2 packs, geared towards non industrial applications or HFCs which are subject to phase down.

The range comprises Envichill (for temperatures between 0°C and 8°C), Envicold (-22°C and 0°C), Envifreeze (-40°C and -20°C) and Envichiller (for a range of chiller temperatures).

The Envichill, Envicold and Envichiller solutions feature single-stage transcritical CO2 packs, multiple semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors and Star Refrigeration’s patented low-pressure receiver, delivering enhanced efficiency via semi-flooded evaporator operation. The Envifreeze features a two-stage compression booster system for lower temperatures and enhanced performance.

The Envi range is said to be designed around Star’s low-pressure receiver technology, which requires minimal refrigerant charge and does away with the need for refrigerant pumps.

All units come with welded steel pack pipework and base frames and are designed for hassle-free installation, while Star says the accessible component layout of the machines and the dual pressure-relief valves make maintenance as straightforward as possible.

Star Refrigeration

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