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Kelvion adds dual discharge coolers

GERMANY: With their optimised fan speed, Kelvion’s new dual discharge coolers are said to be the perfect solution for providing reliable climate control for instance in food preparation areas.

The CDK/CDL discharges air on both sides of the unit, which is designed to fit flush to the ceiling. According to the manufacturer this is designed to ensure a maximum amount of space available for keeping products cool.

Both versions can be used for temperatures ranging from -40⁰C to + 40⁰C and are suitable for all refrigerants. The CDK model has a capacity range from 7.33kW up to 145.3kW (for SC2), while the CDL version, with stainless steel tubes, offers a range from 8.9kW to 154kW.

A range of variants and accessories allow for a high level of customisation. Bespoke design features included in the list of options are UV-C lights to reduce airborne particles such as viruses, bacteria and germs.

Standard hinged side covers and optionally hinged drip trays and fans are said to make the air cooler quick and easy to clean, conforming to the latest stringent hygiene requirements.

Both series are now also available in the new Kelvion Select RT product selection software. The platform bundles all Kelvion solutions for refrigeration technology in just one system and enables thermodynamic modelling of the units with just a few clicks.


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