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KIMO plug-and-play standard switch cabinet

GERMANY: The FrigoPack BLU kompakt plug-and-play standard switch cabinet from German controls company KIMO enables the operation of up to two compressors with a maximum refrigerating capacity of 50kW.  

To commission the unit, refrigeration engineers will simply have to connect the power cables to the mains and motor as well as the pressure transmitter and safety circuits. 

At the heart of the compact switch cabinet is a preset FrigoPackE FU+ frequency inverter with smart refrigeration software and full text display.

The integrated FrigoComp control module carries out a range of monitoring tasks. For example, it controls the system status and displays it clearly with green and red LEDs. It also monitors the individual components of the safety circuit separately, raising an alarm if a component fails. 

Users can choose between control of a single compressor and coupled control of two compressors. In the simplest version, when a single compressor is frequency-regulated, the maximum rated current of the compressor motor is 45A. With the dual-compressor solution, the maximum rated current of the compressor motor is 30A and the contractor can choose between classic control and sequence changing. 

With classic control, one compressor is controlled by the frequency inverter and the second compressor is supplied directly from the electrical supply with on/off control. In contrast, with sequence changing, two identical compressors are speed-controlled alternately, with the other one being set at a fixed speed. 

“As part of the coupled control of the FrigoPackE FU+, the condenser fan is controlled by a 0 .. 10 V signal,” said KIMO’s head of applications Ahmet Kitap. A motor protection switch for 1 and 3-phase EC motors is included for this reason.


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