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LG to launch round cassette

UK: LG is set to release its own round cassette air conditioning unit, said to provide perfect circular air flow without any blind spots.

First announced in the Far East last year, LG’s Round Cassette, a winner at last year’s Red Dot Design Awards, is expected to be available from June.

Following a current trend, LG’s Round Cassette is said to offer superb performance particularly in spaces with high or exposed ceilings, especially to cafes, restaurants, high-end department stores and hotels with trendy interiors.

LG maintains that its cassette outclasses competing products in not only design but also in performance. The Korean manufacturer argues that, while some round-cassette-type indoor units use three separate air outlets that disperse air in three directions and create blind spots, their own round cassette avoids this by minimising the junctions in the circular vent. 

Just 330cm high, the Round Cassette incorporates vanes with six-step control to distribute cool or warm air to wherever it is needed. 

LG says it has conducted extensive air chamber tests to ensure that the airflow provided by its 3D fan, increases by 5% and allows for 30% faster cooling over other circular cassettes on the market. 

Operating noise levels are also down to 39dB(A) at 14.5kW low flow rate. 

The drain pipe and refrigerant pipe are located together in one place on the unit to minimise the exposure of pipes and components and decreasing installation time for installers.

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