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Mitsubishi City Multi takes another step

UK: Mitsubishi Electric boasts the lowest installation costs, lowest running costs and lowest CO2 emissions for its new generation City Multi VRF air conditioners.

The new City Multi YNW is also said to deliver ultra-quiet noise levels, an increased performance and a reduced footprint.

The YNW outdoor units include a new, 4-sided heat exchanger which maximises the space available for plant by reducing the area required for air conditioning modules. Like its predecessor, the YLM, the YNW adopts the same high efficiency aluminium multi-channel heat exchanger design. Improved compressor and fan design also help to reduce sound power.

“We’ve looked at how to improve the system in almost every area and this means improvements across the board,” explained Mitsubishi product specialist Jordan Jeewood. “In the case of our most popular 34kW model, for example, we see a 19% increase in seasonal efficiency, making compliance with energy legislation easier to achieve.”

The City Multi YNW also offers incremental capacity steps which give increased flexibility in noise output control. This flexibility is further enhanced with multiple external static pressure settings, extended up to 80Pa which will help with long or narrow ducting requirements.

“We have increased the amount of cooling capacity that can be delivered per square metre of plant by 28% thanks to the advanced wrap around heat exchanger,” added Jeewood.  “This means less space is needed for outdoor modules and greater flexibility in where they can be located.”

These new models are available in capacities from 22kW to 150kW.

City Multi’s unique heat recovery two-pipe option also allows for phased installation, meaning that the cooling and heating system can be installed around a project build, with individual sections commissioned as required.

Up to 50 indoor units are connectable to the larger outdoor unit models and a complete new range of Branch Controller (BC) boxes is now available with reduction in height, a removable drain pan and a reduced refrigerant charge.

A completely new piping layout for the Branch Controllers (BC) boxes also increases the options for designers and installers and can help reduce installation time and make maintenance regimes easier.

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