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Mitsubishi expands into IT cooling

EUROPE: Mitsubishi Electric is making further inroads into the IT cooling market with the launch of its i-NEXT DX computer room air conditioners.

Building on its 2016 acquisition of the Italian RC Group, these new units from the Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems (MEHITS) portfolio feature advanced inverter technology to maximise energy-efficiency.

Designed for all applications where high sensible cooling and close control of temperature and humidity are required, the units use Mitsubishi Electric BLDC compressors with capacities of up to 140kW for down-flow, and 105kW for up-flow configurations.

“With the demands for faster, more powerful IT infrastructure only increasing, cooling equipment has never been more important. A critical commercial requirement for data centre managers is to ensure a low overall operating cost, and a key element of this involves installing cooling plant that is as energy-efficient as possible,” claimed Mitsubishi Electric sales director Deane Flint.

“This, and the products to follow, show how serious we are about delivering a complete solution for any building or sector. Not only can our customers now purchase market-leading air conditioning, heating and ventilation products from us, they are also able to access state-of-the-art, dedicated IT cooling,” he added.

Thanks to the i-NEXT’s composite EC plug fans, both noise and power usage have been reduced. Additionally, integrated control of up to 10 units allows for intelligent redundancy management via LAN, removing the need for third party controls. Automatic restart are designed to ensure that the systems are up and running immediately after a power outage, saving valuable time. Easy front access to the main components also allows for quick inspection and routine maintenance.

The i-NEXT range comes with a host of optional extras including Modbus RS485 and BACnet TCP/IP connectivity, electrical heaters and steam humidifiers, discharge plenums and floor stands.

Mitsubishi Electric

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