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Mitsubishi offers A2L risk management tool

GERMANY: Mitsubishi Electric Germany has introduced a new calculation tool for risk management when using A2L refrigerants such as R32.

This online tool, which is available in German and English, provides a quick calculation of the maximum permissible amount of refrigerant in occupied areas, as well as possible or necessary safety precautions for the respective system. The calculation tool also provides an overview of relevant content of EN 378 (part 1-4; 04.2018) and IEC 60335-3-40 (Edition 6.0; 01.2018).

The maximum refrigerant charge for the respective room is calculated in just two steps and a short input test. If this is exceeded, possible safety precautions for the respective system are suggested. These could include forced ventilation devices, an alarm or the installation of shut-off valves. 

Planning documents have been provided for most applications and can be conveniently downloaded as a PDF file directly in the tool. These contain, among other things, detailed overviews for the professional implementation of the safety precautions and further suggestions with various installation examples. A clearly designed PDF file of the input parameters and results can be created and sent by email.

The tool can be accessed online here.

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