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Panasonic gets smart with service and maintenance

EUROPE: Panasonic has introduced its Smart Multi-site Control Solution, described as a two-fold, enterprise-wide energy management platform for corporate HVAC installations. 

This smart solution comprises AC Smart Cloud for remote control, reporting and scheduling, and the AC Service Cloud for remote access to a system for maintenance and monitoring purposes. 

The Smart Multi-site Control Solution is said to allow user complete control of all installations – wherever they are. Authorised users can access all Panasonic heating and cooling units from several locations, and receive status updates in real-time, preventing costly breakdowns, optimising energy use and reducing expenses. 

The AC Smart Cloud and AC Service Cloud work uniquely to the location and offer a scalable solution as users can add more sites and customise access levels of team members.

Panasonic maintains that the Smart Multi-site Control Solution is more than a BMS. Operational costs can be improved, the company says, with its e-cut function – five, advanced, pre-programmed settings which deliver advanced energy savings. 

Additionally, the AC Smart Cloud features energy consumption monitors, allows management of the settings, the ability to fix yearly scheduling, set up energy saving modes, see statistics and permit tailored access to different users.

The AC Service Cloud can be employed across multiple sites. It offers real-time monitoring, showing any abnormalities, and allowing issues to be identified and swiftly resolved.


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