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Panasonic goes to extremes with ECOi


EUROPE: Panasonic’s new 3-pipe ECOi-EX MF3 VRF series air conditioner is said to offer outstanding efficiency even in extreme ambient temperatures.

Boasting a high SEER/SCOP at full load capacity plus an increase in piping length and the number of connectable indoor units, the ECOi-EX MF3 is seen as a major improvement on its MF2 series.

The new models feature a redesigned heat exchanger, upgrading from a dual-surface to a more efficient triple-surface construction to optimise and improve thermal transfer. Combined with an effective piping pattern, the heat exchanger energy performance is said to have increased by 5%.

This helps achieve an improved SEER rating of 7.05 (28kW model) and SCOP rating of 4.85 (22.4kW model).

The ECOi-EX MF3 system is said to be able to provide hot water up to 65°C. The system works by recovering waste heat from indoor units in cooling operation, and connecting to a purpose-built hot water cylinder, making it an ideal energy-saving solution for hotels and apartment blocks where hot water is in high demand.

Improved seasonal performance is another key feature. For example, the ECOi MF3 is said to provide 100% cooling capacity at an ambient temperature of 43°C and continue to cool, even when the outside temperature reaches a maximum of 52°C.

A slim heat recovery box, measuring only 200mm high, makes it easier to install in areas of limited ceiling space. In addition, performance is said to be guaranteed at an extended piping length of up to 200m. To further increase installation options, the ECOi MF3 offers an increase in the number of indoor connectable units compared to previous models.

A new curved bell-mouth design is said to improve aerodynamics and reduce noise levels. Air resistance has also been reduced with a larger air discharge area and flat fan guard, to further minimise noise levels.

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