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Panasonic lines-up propane heat pumps

UK: Panasonic has heralded its concerted move towards propane heat pumps with the official launches of its Aquarea L monobloc and R290 versions of the ECOi-W heat pump chiller.

Both ranges were previewed at the ISH exhibition in March. The Aquarea L is available across Europe now and the ECOi-W from the Autumn.

The Aquarea L Generation heat pumps with its hydro split All in One high performance units retain the strengths of the Panasonic Aquarea range while using low GWP R290 refrigerant. 

The units are available in capacities 5, 7 and 9kW with SCOPs up to 5.06. The All in One R290 unit has a hydraulic connection between the indoor and outdoor unit, providing water outlet temperatures of up to 75°C down to -10°C. 

These units are said to be ideal for retrofit applications, when renovating a home with existing radiators. It also benefits from a reduced sound level – up to 8dB(A) less than previous models.

Panasonic’s Aquarea all-in-one heat pump is a compact, easy-to-install system with a footprint of  just 598 x 600mm. It can be neatly lined up with other big appliances like a refrigerator or washing machine to reduce the space required for installation. Thanks to its low height, it can also be installed with a ventilation unit on top. The 185 litre stainless steel tank is equipped with Panasonic’s high performance U-Vacua insulation to reduce energy losses.

Aqua-G Blue

The new ECOi-W Aqua-G Blue air-to-water reversible heat pumps are designed for large commercial, industrial or multi dwelling residential applications.

This new range boasts a high seasonal performance value with a maximum SEER 4.4, an SCOP of 3.9 and an energy efficiency rating of A++. Its cooling mode application sees a water outlet temperature of -15°C, ensuring optimal operation temperature for process equipment in factories. It also provides the ideal solution for heating, cooling and DHW, achieving 70°C leaving water temperature from 0°C outside air temperature.

The new range employs scroll compressors for more reliable and efficient operation. Minimum sound power level is only 79.9dB(A), and a minimum pressure level of just 51.9dB(A). An optional compressor box is available to provide an additional level of noise reduction.

Four sizes are available from 50-80 kW. In addition, the range can boost capacity up to 480kW by connecting up to six units in cascade. The units are fully customisable with various configuration options. 

The range is compatible with Panasonic’s Plug & Play Cascade Control, which allows connection to Panasonic’s ECOi-W Cloud for remote access in real time, to optimise the service and maintenance work.

Panasonic does not compromise on product quality, safety or durability in order to provide the ultimate comfort. Special safety measurements are equipped for R290 refrigerant, including the addition of a ventilation system, air/refrigerant separator and a non-flammable sealed electrical box.

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