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Panasonic offers IoT control for commercial AC

UK: Panasonic has launched a new remote IoT controller for its commercial air conditioning line-up.

Described as a next generation IoT control, Conex is said to be accessible, flexible, and scalable with accompanying apps for daily remote operation and maintenance. These include Panasonic H&C Diagnosis, H&C Control and Comfort Cloud. 

As the name suggests, H&C Diagnosis offers diagnosis and troubleshooting with real-time data for both indoor and outdoor units. It also stores historical data.

H&C Control provides easy access for engineers via Bluetooth. It enables detailed operation and maintenance setting, as well as other useful functions such as auto-address, test runs and sensor value monitoring.

Comfort Cloud, is similar to H&C Control but designed with end users in mind for remote operation of units via WiFi with additional benefits such as energy monitoring. 

Panasonic’s Conex can also be used to control Panasonic’s nanoe X air cleaning technology where this is installed.


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